Pakhral Rajput

Pakhral Rajput is a sub clan of Minhas Rajput. Pakhral Rajputs are the Most Dynamic Rulers in the History of the Indian sub-continent and they deservedly hold the dinstinction of being the hero of sub-continent. The founders of the city and state of Jammu and its rulers from ancient times to 1948. Ancestors of Pakhral Rajputs are mostly Hindus. In the early 18th and 19th centuries mostly Pakhral Rajputs embraced Islam and moved from Jaipur and Rajastan(India) to Kashmir and Pakistan. Punjab specially the area of Potohar and Azad jamu Kashmir is the origin of Pakhral Rajputs. Mirpur Azad jamu Kashmir and the Rawalpindi District mostly named as the area of Potohar is very famous as the area of Pakhral Rajputs. Raja is mostly used as a title in Pakhral Rajputs which is derived from the word Rajput. Still a number of Pakhral Rajputs are living proudly in many regions of Pakistan and India. Pakhral Rajputs have also contributed in the British and Pakistani armies. Raja Muhammad Akbar receive two Medals of Courage (Tamgha-e-Jurrat) in both 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistan War. Raja Fazaldad Khan was also a brave officer in the British Army. (They both belonged to the village of Shohwa). These people are also known as Zamindar.


A famous villages of the Minhas rajput(pakhral sub clan)is Shohwa (known in area as Karkan Shohwa)near Rawalpindi in union council Tariyah. Pakhrals are also settled in Suiyan Sharif Sehnsa Kotli (Azad) Kashmir. Dhoong is the heart of Pakhral Rajput. There are number of villages in Tehsil Gujar Khan [Mastala, DERA MUSLIM, JAIRO RATIAL,DHOKE RAJGAN,Partali Kalan and Partali khurd GUJAR KHAN]and Dist Rawalpindi and some of them are known as Sahang,sagri( Sagar Khan a famous person belongs to Pakhral minhas rajput family), Karal Pakhral,sihala, Paagh,Pakhral Rajgan, Loona (Dhoke Pakhral Rajgan), Moori rajgan etc. Pakhral rajputs are also living with honour in the Distt Chakwal particularly in the Chakwal, Dhoda, Khokhar Rajgan, Saba Mohra, Jandala Pakhral and GHAZIAL  are famous villages of Pakhral Rajputs. Moza Pagh is a village in which Pakhral Family stay examples Choudhry Muhammad Irshad, CHoudhry Qasim Khan.In KPK ,Chumb Rajput in district Abbottabad is a famious village of pakhral rajputs.

Prime minister of Pakistan

Raja Pervez Ashraf took oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 22 June 2012 .He is the first Prime Minister from Rawalpindi and the first Ever Minhas Rajput(Pakhral sub-clan of minhas) Prime Minister

Chauhan Rajput

ChauhanChouhan or Chohan is a clan that ruled parts of northern India in the medieval period. Prithviraj Chauhan, the last Hindu king of Delhi, was a member of this community.

The Chauhans were historically a powerful group in the region now known as Rajasthan. For around 400 years from the 7th century AD their strength in Sambhar was a threat to the power-base of the Guhilots in the south-west of the area, as also was the strength of their fellow Agnivanshi clans.[4] They suffered a set-back in 1192 when their leader, Prithviraj Chauhan, was defeated at the Battle of Tarain but this did not signify their demise.[5]

Manik Rai (AD 685), progenitor of Chauhan dynasty was lord of Ajmer and Sambhar in Western Rajwara.[citation needed]


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  1. Impressive writing about the history of pakhral . I am saqib mukhtar from mozaya jabokassi rajgan uc jand mehlu gujar khan . Proud to be a pakhral .


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